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Take a look at the people below who are committed to loving this community.

  • Jed Mullenix: Lead Pastor

  • Matt Bortmess: Executive Pastor

  • Kolby Allen: Student Pastor

  • Thomas Hale: Worship Pastor

  • Josh Nink: First Steps Pastor

  • Heather Beekhuizen: Serve Coordinator

  • Heather Yochum: Kid's Ministry Director

  • Sarah Burget: Kid's Team - Early Childhood 

  • Angela Nink: Kid's Team - Elementary 

  • Amanda Will: Administrative Assistant

  • Tim Umphreys:

    Missions/Communications Pastor

  • Mark Nightser: Facilities Director

Our Elders:

We are led by a group of elders that provide spiritual leadership and guidance

for our community as we help people find their way back to God.

Terry Bahl, Stan Beckner, Paul Beekhuizen, Jamey Cline, Ron Dickinson, Jon Hanson, Larry Royce, Tom Umphreys, Mark Welch, Kevin Will, Aric Yochum,